Print Care

So, you wanna make the most of your printed garments...

Like all precious things, conscious use and appropriate care play a valuable role in the longevity of the item, and custom-printed fabric is no different. Treat your new threads with love, and they'll love you right back, for a long time (not just a good one)!


  • Cold machine-wash on delicate setting
  • Wash inside-out with similar colours
  • Hang to air-dry out of direct sunlight


  • Don't iron over the print (only on the reverse if you must)
  • Don't tumble-dry
  • Don't dry-clean
  • Don't use harsh chemicals like bleach or softeners

All fabric ages over time, that's a given. Exposure to the sun, heat, chemicals and physical activity all age the garment and the print. But with the right care, you can ensure an item serves you very well over the course of its lifetime. Cold-wash inside-out, and then hang garments straight onto a coat-hanger, dries ready-to-wear—no need to iron! 

If you follow the instructions above and feel that the print hasn't aged as it should have, make sure you give us or the printer/manufacturer of your item a call to figure out what's gone wrong! more thing....Why is there a sometimes a yellow mark around my print? Never fear! This is a fixation mark and is the result of the print preparation and curing process which helps preserves the colour and longevity of your digital print. Pop it through a gentle cold wash cycle and Voila! It will come right out.

Got more top tips for taking care? Share them with us!

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When it's done...

Now, after all of that—the highs, the lows, the tender moments, laughter and raw emotion—it'd be a damn shame for this item to end up in landfill. Consider the cycle of items like this when the value is ready to be transferred. You could:

  • Donate it to a second-hand clothing store
  • Donate it to a fabric/garment recycle centre
  • Repurpose it into something else; a bag, art paper, etc. 
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